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  • Maritime Injuries: Understanding the Jones Act

    Maritime Injuries Certain maritime workers are protected when they suffer maritime injuries under a federal law that is known as the Jones Act. Covered workers are able to file lawsuits for damages through the federal law rather than seeking compensation through Alaska's state workers' compensation laws. Workers who are able to seek legal remedies under the Jones Act are called seamen. While the ...
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  • Challenges with TBI: Memory, Problem-Solving, and Emotional Stress

    Traumatic Brain Injury People who have experienced a TBI require ongoing care, but 40% of people who have been hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury have a service or therapeutic need remaining untreated after a year. Unmet needs include therapies for improving memory and problem-solving and managing stress and emotional upset, both of which impact ability to work. Other issues that can ...
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  • Anchorage Apartment Fire Kills 2, Injures 16, Displaces Dozens

    The Royal Suite Apartments in western Anchorage were devastated in a fast-spreading fire this week. Authorities report that two people lost their lives in the blaze, another 16 suffered injury, and dozens more are displaced. At least six of the injured were found in critical condition. A complete search has not yet been finished due to widespread structural damage to the complex, so it is feared ...
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  • Using SPECT to Better Detect Traumatic Brain Injury

    Traumatic Brain Injury Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) are unpredictable in their consequences. They vary in severity, sometimes resulting in long-term unconsciousness and severe brain damage, while other times going undetected because the symptoms are relatively mild or difficult to discern. Mild-to-moderate TBIs can damage the brain's structure or impede its functioning, and they may produce ...
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  • What You Should Know After a Maritime Accident

    According to the Alaska Department of Labor , the maritime industry in Alaska drives the state's economy and produces more than 60 percent of the nation's seafood. Due to commercial fishing, vessel occupations, nautical management and support jobs -- along with the many Alaskan citizens employed in the industry -- maritime injuries are common. Types of Maritime Injuries : Back Injuries - Heavy and ...
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  • Power and Brown, LLC Named 2016 Legal Awards Winner

    Power & Brown, LLC has just been named as a winner of the 2016 Legal Awards. We were named the Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Alaska. The Acquisition International Legal Awards were established to honor the very best and deserving within the legal community. Because politics and economics continually impact the shape of legislation and regulations in the country, attorneys must continually adapt ...
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  • Slip and Fall Injuries

    Injuries from falls occur commonly and are often costly. Sometimes they result in death, and many other times in serious injuries such as head trauma and fractures. Among children, falls are a chief cause of injuries; adults over 65 are another vulnerable group, with millions rushed to the ER every year after a fall. Sidewalks are one of the places where people can suffer injuries from falls. ...
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  • Motorcycle Safety: How Can You Lower Your Chances Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries?

    Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents Though riding motorcycles can provide an incredible feeling of freedom, especially when riding on the open road, operating a motorcycle involves serious risks. Unlike the operators of other passenger vehicles, motorcyclists are not in a steel cage when riding and are therefore far more likely than operators of other passenger vehicles to suffer significant injury or ...
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  • For the Love of Motorcycles

    Ever notice that people who ride motorcycles are usually passionate about them? And although there are certainly those who fit the stereotype of the tough, tattooed biker, there are just as many two-wheel enthusiasts who don't. In fact, people from all walks of life get hooked on motorcycles. So what causes this phenomena, this intense love of motorcycles? Freedom One of the number one pleasures ...
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  • How Much Is Your Personal Injury Case in Alaska Worth?

    Determining the possible monetary award for a personal injury case in Alaska is difficult to determine and can vary greatly depending on your particular situation. In addition, the way in which the case is managed and presented to the court can play a substantial role in how much money is granted. This should not be considered legal advice, but here are a few things every plaintiff should consider ...
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  • Alaska Motorcycle Attorneys Explain the Critical First Steps After a Motorcycle Crash

    You are on the ground beside your motorcycle, confused and reeling from what just occurred --- you have been hit by another vehicle. These situations are stressful, emotions can run high and anxieties are prevalent. It can be easy to let yourself get lost in the shuffle. What are the most important steps to take after a motorcycle crash? Gather Information If you are able, call the police and ...
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  • Two-Plane Crash near Russian Mission Leaves No Survivors

    Five people were killed after two small planes collided mid-air. The planes, a Hageland Aviation Cessna 208 Caravan and a Renfro’s Alaska Adventures Piper PA-18 Super Cub, crashed at 11 a.m. today. The accident occurred just northwest of the village of Russian Mission, about 60 miles north of Bethel. The Alaska National Guard and Rescue Coordination Center personnel sent medics to the crash site ...
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  • Injured While Visiting Alaska? You Need A Local Attorney.

    It only takes a moment for a wonderful vacation in Alaska to become a nightmare at the hands of a negligent person or company. We wouldn't wish that on anybody, but we feel it is in the best interest of the public to understand the reasons why having local legal representation is the best course of action if injured while traveling in Alaska . Over the years we have represented many people from ...
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  • Ex-Kenai Hockey Coach Facing 14 Years of Sexual Abuse Charges

    Bradley Elliott, a former Kenai Peninsula school hockey coach, is currently facing multiple sexual abuse charges, including at least 12 counts of sexual abuse of a minor, 9 counts of exploitation of a minor to create child pornography, 2 counts of child pornography distribution, and more. The alleged offenses are believed to have begun in 2002 and have continued during the 14 year period. ...
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  • Injured on a Cruise Ship?

    Cruise ships are a popular way to visit Alaska. A 2014 report from the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development showed that between May and September of that year roughly 58% of out-of-state visitors were cruise ship passengers. Although taking a cruise is often an enjoyable experience, sometimes people sustain injuries on board. Maybe they fall down a flight of stairs, ...
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