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    In a recent opinion, the Alaska Supreme Court reversed a Bethel Superior Court's prior decision to throw out a lawsuit against the City of Hooper Bay and a couple of its police officers. Michele Power and Sean Brown, attorneys for Thomas Olson, brought the lawsuit on behalf of Olson in 2007 after Hooper Bay officers tasered him between 15 and 18 times while he was handcuffed. Apparently, Olson had ...
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  • CPSC Failed to Investigate Some Crib Bumper Cases.

    The Chicago Tribune (3/30, Gabler) reported there are "at least 17 cases where the Consumer Product Safety Commission did not investigate a child's death, even though the agency had reports on file suggesting bumper pads" in cribs "played roles in the fatalities." The Chicago Tribune "looked into some of the cases and found that medical examiners and coroners said bumper pads were involved in the ...
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  • $233,000 Awarded in a Medical Malpractice Action Against YKHC

    Earlier this month, a verdict exceeding $233,000 was awarded in a medical malpractice action against the St. Mary's Subregional Clinic and the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation ("YKHC") in Alaska. A mother initiated the matter, through her attorney, Michele Power, at the Power and Brown law firm in Alaska, after inadequate medical care caused her 14 month old son to develop sepsis. Following ...
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  • Federal advisory panel urges stricter oversight of external defibrillators.

    The New York Times (1/26, B3, Wilson) reported that "a federal advisory panel on Tuesday called for stricter oversight of the defibrillators available in many schools, gyms, lobbies, and other places that are used by the public to try to save victims of major heart attacks." Meanwhile, FDA "staff...recommended tighter controls over the automated external defibrillators, citing concerns about ...
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  • Parents Sue Crib Retailer for Son's Death

    The Boston Herald (1/7, Goodison) reports a couple sued crib maker Hayneedle Inc. over the 2008 suffocation death of their toddler son. Their suit tagged the company for negligence "in failing to warn those caring for him of the crib's 'dangerous and defective characteristics, and of the safe and proper method of assembling, using and maintaining (it).'" The child's death was "a key factor" in the ...
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