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Power & Brown

Have you been in an accident that has caused you pain and suffering due to a serious injury? Not sure whether or not you have a legitimate case against those responsible? Is what they offer fair compensation for the ordeal you've been through? If you've answered yes to these questions, then one of Power & Brown's Alaska personal injury lawyers.

We go beyond the "turn your crash into cash" firms. We believe in what we do. Anytime someone gets hurt because of negligent conduct or intentional wrong doing on the part of another, then the victim has every legal and moral right to look for just compensation. An attorney from Power and Brown will help you file insurance claims, talk with the insurance company in order to help you receive a fair settlement, and if need be we will seek justice in civil court. Whether your injury was caused by a faulty product or the result of an accident such as slip and fall or car accident, the Alaska personal injury lawyers at Power and Brown will help you file suit against those responsible, it doesn't matter if they are individual or corporation, and fight for what you rightly deserve.

We represent a wide array of cases. Some examples include: serious injury or accident, police brutality, slip and fall, auto accident, motorcycle accident, and medical mistakes.

Don't sit back in pain and frustration, wondering if you have a legitimate case. Contact us today and let us help you fight for fair compensation for your suffering.