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Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Slip And Fall Case

Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Slip And Fall Case

Even a minor slip and fall can leave an individual with injuries that will prohibit their normal daily activities and leave them in constant pain. Once a fall happens, the victim will find themselves constantly going to the doctor and trying all sorts of remedies to ease the pain. This can become a costly expense, leaving a person feeling helpless.

A fall is usually caused by negligence and can happen to anyone, for it generally occurs with a lack of maintenance around the grounds of a property. Some common causes for falls are a loose staircase, a wet floor or uneven flooring. If a floor was just recently waxed, then there should be signs that communicate this message to notify individuals to be cautious of the slippery floor. If there was a neglect to communicate this message, it is very easy for an individual to walk on the floor without knowing to be cautious and fall.

Whichever the causes are, it is likely an individual will sustain injuries from a slip and fall. Depending on how the individual breaks a fall, it may result in an injured back or broken wrist. Some individuals may even hit their head during the fall. It is essential to seek medical attention after a fall in order to ensure there were not further injuries sustained than those that are visible.

If an individual did slip and fall, and it was due to negligence on property grounds, it is necessary that they gather as much evidence and facts as possible. If there were any witnesses who saw the fall and what caused it, is essential to take their statements on record and gather their contact information. Also, a victim should take pictures of the fall scene and the current state of the property grounds that were the catalyst for the fall. The owner of the grounds should be notified of the incident and what on their property had caused the fall.

Experiencing a slip and fall can be a traumatic and painful experience, as well as costly, so victims should hire a personal injury lawyer. Here at Power and Brown, we want to help victims get justice for an injury that was preventable. We will deliver the highest level of legal expertise to ensure victims of a fall are not taken advantage of and not blamed for the owner's negligence. Please contact us and let us fight for you.