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Pedestrian Accidents Among Alaskan Natives: Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

Pedestrian Accidents Among Alaskan Natives: Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

In 2001-2010, over 47,000 pedestrians were killed in the U.S. as a result of traffic accidents – and American Indian and Alaskan Natives had the highest death rate of any racial or ethnic group up to age 75. Whether male or female, they were four times more likely to be hit by a vehicle than white males and rural American Indian and Alaskan Native pedestrians experienced almost twice the death rate as those in urban areas.

These are seriously sobering statistics, as just cited in an April 2013 Centers for Disease Control report, and they don't even include those pedestrians who were injured, but survived.

Following such an accident, there are many personal and legal ramifications that must be considered. For example, if you or a loved-one were injured in a pedestrian vs. vehicle accident, was there negligence on the part of the other party that could make them legally responsible for medical bills or other expenses? What were the contributing circumstances surrounding the accident? Was the driver impaired, distracted or driving aggressively? Did the driver even possess a valid driver's license? Was the vehicle in disrepair and therefore dangerous?

There is also the insurance side of things to be addressed. Was the driver adequately insured – or insured at all? Is their insurance company pushing for a waiver to be signed in exchange for a too-quick settlement before all the facts are established?

Many factors must be investigated, evaluated and correctly presented to ensure adequate protection and preservation of rights for pedestrians who survive, as well as for the families of those who are deceased. The process can be intimidating and even overwhelming for those going through such a traumatic event.

Fortunately, experienced personal injury lawyers can help with these and many other aspects of this difficult time. At Power and Brown, we are dedicated to being a strong advocate on your behalf. We focus on forming an attorney-client relationship built on integrity, professionalism and results.

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