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Things to Remember After an Alaska Car Crash

Things to Remember After an Alaska Car Crash

Being in an automobile accident can be a harrowing experience. If you are involved in a car crash, it can be helpful to know what to do in order to make the experience somewhat less stressful.

The most important thing to do is to render assistance to injured parties. When doing so, you should never discuss the events or admit liability. These statements could later be used against you in a court of law. The only people you should provide statements to are investigating officers and your attorney. Gather the names and contact numbers of any witnesses so they can provide a statement as well.

Write down as much information as possible about the other party. You should obtain information such as the make, model, VIN and license plate number of the other vehicle. Take down a physical description of the other driver and any passengers that might have been in that vehicle. This is important because accidents are sometimes staged, and drivers have false identification that can make it hard to locate them later.

Photograph the scene and damage to property and vehicles in order to keep others from padding their claims later. Videos are even better evidence, as they can often show details such as road hazards or weather conditions that might not be visible in still photographs. After taking photos, write down a synopsis of the accident to include which way you were traveling and the direction and speed of the other party.

Police reports should be made any time there is significant property damage or injuries resulting from a motor vehicle crash. After filing a claim with your insurance carrier, you might also want to speak with an Alaska car crash attorney to see if you can recover all or part of your damages. You may also contact us at Power and Brown for a free consultation.