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Blog Posts in November, 2013

  • Attorneys at Power and Brown Discuss The Importance of Car Emergency Kits in Alaska

    The importance of car emergency kits in Alaska can’t be stressed enough. Here in Alaska, you’re bound to encounter extreme weather conditions, especially in winter. As such, your car emergency kit should be well stocked at all times with the essentials in order to ensure your safety in the event of a breakdown. You’ll need more items to shield you from the cold than you would in other places. The ...
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  • Why do people require psychiatric care following a TBI?

    When people think about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), they most strongly associate it with the different kinds of physical damage it can cause to the brain and, by extension, to problems in bodily functioning and mental ability. These include paralysis, difficulty moving, memory problems, and speech difficulties. But one aspect of TBI that's often overlooked are the resulting psychological or ...
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  • The Realities of Postconcussional Disorder

    Postconcussional Disorder, also called Postconcussional Syndrome or PCS, is a condition that occurs following a concussion or brain injury. Symptoms of PCS involve physical and personality changes including amnesia; dizziness; depressed mood, irritability and anxiety; insomnia and problems with memory, concentration, and thinking. Recently there has been much media attention focused on head ...
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  • Diagnosing Traumatic Brain Injury Following An Accident

    Diagnosing TBI (otherwise known as Traumatic Brain Injury) is something that can vary based on the symptoms of an injured individual. While those symptoms can be overly general, you have four specific things to consider when diagnosing whether the TBI case is severe or mild. Those four things are the length of loss of consciousness, an alteration of consciousness, post-traumatic amnesia and the ...
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