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Attorneys at Power and Brown Discuss The Importance of Car Emergency Kits in Alaska

Attorneys at Power and Brown Discuss The Importance of Car Emergency Kits in Alaska

The importance of car emergency kits in Alaska can’t be stressed enough. Here in Alaska, you’re bound to encounter extreme weather conditions, especially in winter. As such, your car emergency kit should be well stocked at all times with the essentials in order to ensure your safety in the event of a breakdown.

You’ll need more items to shield you from the cold than you would in other places. The U.S. Army advises soldiers stationed here to have not only some extra blankets, but a cold weather sleeping bag to help insulate them from frigid temperatures. You’ll also need gloves, extra socks, hats and scarves for everyone in your vehicle as well. Think about throwing in a pair of coveralls in case you need to change a flat tire or perform other work on your vehicle.

As far as your vehicle goes, carry a set of jumper cables, fix a flat, and a few extra tools just in case you experience a breakdown. Having flares on hand will ensure you are able to warn others of your predicament, and could prevent them from careening into you as well. It’s also a good idea to have a working flashlight with extra batteries, a folding shovel, some sand, and a tarp that you can lay on if you need to get underneath your automobile.

Your personal resources should consist of enough supplies to last you for three days in case you have to wait an extended period for help to arrive. In addition to non-perishable food, you should have a manual can opener, plastic silverware, and plenty of water. If you’re on any medication, you should carry at least a three-day supply with you at all times in order to ensure you are not stranded without it.

A working cell phone is a must; however, if you wind up in an area where reception is limited, you could still be unable to make a phone call. Instead, you may want to have a pair of walkie talkies or a CB radio in your car, as you might be able to communicate with them instead. In the most dire of circumstances, your best bet would be signal flares or mirrors, which is why it can be helpful to have these items also.

By following these preparedness tips, you and your loved ones can all stay safe this winter. If you do find yourself involved in an accident, contact us.