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Alaska Motorcycle Attorney Provides Techniques to Avoid High Traffic Accidents

Alaska Motorcycle Attorney Provides Techniques to Avoid High Traffic Accidents

Navigating your bike through high traffic areas whether on the New Seward Highway while construction is ongoing, on Tudor during rush hour, or any other crowded highway can be a freighting experience for new motorcyclists. The various obstacles you are faced with and the small window of time you have to react can turn any situation into hazardous predicament. The following strategies can help you safely maneuver congested streets and arrive at your destination without incident.

  • Using your mirrors, whether you are riding a motorcycle or driving a car is key to evaluating and predicting traffic patterns. While your mirrors allow you to see parts of the road you would be blind to, you should not place your full trust in them. Quickly glancing over your shoulder before making a lane change can save you from a car that did not appear in the reflective surface.
  • Anticipating a drivers actions can save your life. Paying close attention to the drivers on the left and right of you and which way their heads turn, can give you a clue to their next action. If a driver looks to his right or his left, he is most likely getting ready to make a lane change. Spotting this action may provide you with enough time to avoid a car that does not see you.
  • Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents in high traffic areas are often caused by a car not seeing a motorcyclist before it is too late. Wearing a helmet and jacket that make you more visible can help vehicles spot you at a further distance.
  • If you are not regularly scanning the road, your instruments, and your mirrors you are inevitably placing yourself in danger. Staying alert to your surroundings can help you avoid hazardous conditions caused by nature or by man.
  • Pay close attention to where you are positioned in traffic when an exit-ramp is approaching. You do not want to place yourself between a car and an exit. Driver's who decide to use a ramp at the very last second, may forget to check their mirrors, which could cause them to hit you.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident and you are interested in exploring your legal rights, please feel free to contact us. Seeking out professional advice from an Alaska motorcycle accident attorney immediately after a crash can ensure you receive proper representation.

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