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Sexual Abuse in Foster Care

Sexual Abuse in Foster Care

Of the types of harm caused in foster care, sexual abuse is particularly damaging and can leave children scarred and traumatized their entire lives, particularly if they lack the resources for high-quality care in the aftermath. In addition to physical trauma, sexual abuse leaves children with long-term emotional damage. To even begin to address this great harm, children need, at minimum, to reside in a safe environment with access to quality medical care and psychological therapy.

Unfortunately, some children never receive the help they need during childhood, and they continue to struggle with the aftermath of the abuse in adulthood. As the case in Bethel shows, the consequences can be devastating: two of Tony's three stepdaughters committed suicide as adults. Adults who are survivors of child sexual abuse may struggle with psychological difficulties and relationship problems; they may also do more poorly at school and at work.

In addition to seeing perpetrators and their accomplices receive prison sentences, it's also important that individuals who've suffered sexual abuse obtain compensation so that they can get proper care and treatment for themselves and be in a better position to rebuild their lives.

When children suffer sexual abuse in a foster care setting, they may have been failed by the system as a whole and let down by the negligence of individuals who ought to have been checking in on them.

There's no way to undo what was done; there's only the opportunity to heal. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, part of the healing comes from the comfort of knowing that the perpetrators are facing justice, all negligent parties are being held accountable, and that you personally don't lack for the resources that will help you cope and rebuild your life. Contact us to discuss your traumatic experiences during foster care; we will assist you with sensitivity, compassion, and a dedication to your best interests.