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Your Legal Rights In An Aviation Crash

Your Legal Rights In An Aviation Crash

Your rights in an aviation crash are much more extensive than you think. Plenty of media attention has been done on this issue since the recent Asiana Flight 214 incident in San Francisco and how those people will be compensated in the courts. But what if you have an aviation crash in a U.S. state such as Alaska? Your rights are still just as strong.

The Chances of an Alaskan Aviation Crash

If you live or visit Alaska, you may to be traveling by plane or helicopter much of the time to navigate to certain remote locations. In fact, there's more local aviation travel in Alaska than in any other state. Crashes occur through the daily use of aviation in traveling to remote work sites, or involve tourist planes that are in constant use shuttling tourists.

Should you be seriously injured in a crash or a loved ones dies in that same accident, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer immediately to discuss your rights.

Your Right to Not Take a Settlement Offer

Many airline insurance companies are offer early settlement offers if someone was badly injured or killed on one of their planes. A skilled personal injury lawyer can advise you on whether the settlement offer is reasonable or whether you should consider other options.

If you've had an aviation crash in Alaska, consider Power and Brown, LLC as your attorney. We have handled numerous aviation crashes and understand their complexity. Contact us to futher discuss your options.