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  • On Your Side: Alaska Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

    We know motorcycles. We know the thrill of riding and the deep love you have for your machine. We know what it is to dip into the turns and to feel the power of the throttle. We know that every time you ride your bike, you know you're taking a risk. We also know the risk is not always attributed to you, but to the drivers who share the road with you. In 2010, according to the Alaska Department of ...
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  • We Are Driving Better Reveals Alaska Accident Attorney

    We're driving better says the Alaska Highway Safety Office. In 2013 and for the third straight year in a row, traffic fatalities have declined, to 48, although figures are preliminary. The last year for which complete figures are available is 2012, when the state suffered 59 fatalities, down from the previous years 72. Nine of the deaths were from motorcyclists and eight were pedestrians. Rural ...
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  • Alaska Personal Injury Lawyers Urge You To Be Careful on Snowmachines

    Snowmobiles or snow machines can help people get around more easily on winter terrain and also give them an opportunity to enjoy some outdoor recreation in the cold weather. But like any motor vehicle, a snowmobile can also be a serious hazard when drivers fail to take the right precautions or encounter unexpected obstacles. Recently, an accident in Alaska involving two snowmobiles resulted in the ...
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  • Inspiring Brain Injury Recovery

    Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are an all-too-common occurrence in car crashes and pedestrian accidents. The prognosis after such an injury is sustained is often uncertain. However, the story of a college student and recovery over a two-year period is undeniably inspirational. Prospects After Pedestrian Accident In a September 15, 2014 article, the Washington Post reviews the long journey of a ...
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  • Rock Smart: A Guide to Staying Safe While Climbing With Your Kids

    Rock climbing is a rewarding and exciting activity that can help get kids outdoors, provide them with exercise, and help them build confidence in their abilities. While climbing can appear to be high-risk, it is statistically quite safe. The following is a short Kids Guide to Staying Safe While Climbing. Check it out first Go do some reconesance before taking your kids out to your climbing ...
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  • Kids Guide to Staying Safe While Water-Skiing

    When enjoying a day at a lake or at the beach, families often love to spend time water-skiing. Both adults and kids are usually eager to zip across the water, pulled along by a boat. However, before you send your kids out to enjoy water-skiing, ask yourself if they're ready for it and if they'll be safe. In this kids' guide to staying safe while water-skiing, we emphasize the following basic ...
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  • Tips for Preventing Injury as Your Child Learns to Bike

    Each year approximately 300,000 children end up in the emergency room due to a bicycle injury. Some of these injuries are serious brain injuries and require extended hospitalization. However, bicycle riding is a lot of fun and all children should be given the opportunity to learn how to ride a two wheeler safely. Consider the following tips for preventing injury as your child learns to bike. ...
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  • An Essential Kid's Guide to Staying Safe on ATVs

    Exploring the outdoors in an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is an activity that many people find fun. However, people's carelessness and lack of safety awareness often heightens the serious safety risks of ATVs. Children's use of these vehicles poses hazards to them that parents and other caregivers need to know about. In 2012, there were an estimated 26,500 serious injuries among children younger than ...
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  • Alaska Moose Safety

    When it comes to Alaskan wildlife safety, bears usually get the most press. But it's also important to remember the appropriate precautions for you and your kids to take around other animals, including the moose. Statistically, Alaskan moose are actually more dangerous than bears, as there's a significantly greater number of moose in Alaska. While moose aren't predators, they can attack people ...
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  • Kids Guide to Boating Safety

    Taking your kids boating can be a lot of fun, but you also need to be mindful about the risks. Each year, there are thousands of boating accidents across the US. Often, the accidents themselves and the resulting injuries and deaths are preventable. In this kids' guide to boating safety, we'll point out five tips for keeping kids safe while they're on boats. 1) Personal flotation devices (Life ...
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  • Ensuring Your Children Stay Safe During Swimming

    Swimming is a favorite summer past time and a great way to cool off on hot days. Unfortunately every year children die in swimming accidents. Children under the age of five have the highest drowning mortality rate. How can parents keep kids safe and enjoy swimming this summer? The following Guide To Ensuring Kids Stay Safe While Swimming provides the tips parents need. Emphasize No One Swims Alone ...
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  • Discussing In-Car Distractions With Your Teen Is Critical To Their Safety

    Driving while distracted can lead to tragic consequences at any age, but it is especially prevalent for young drivers. As a parent, discussing the ramifications that accompany in-car distractions with your teen is critical to their safety. While texting and talking on the phone embodies one of the most dangerous scenarios, there are numerous distractions that can contribute to a serious accident. ...
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  • May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

    May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, an initiative geared towards improving the well-being of motorcyclists on the road. Along with the steps that motorcyclists can take to better protect themselves, it's also important that other drivers learn to share the road safely with them. Motorcycle accidents: A grim picture Motorcyclists often have a reputation for being wild and reckless on the ...
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  • Traumatic Brain Injury from a Car Crash

    Few things are scarier then the possibility of Traumatic Brain Injury from a Car Crash. These types of injuries can occur when any force hits, fractures, or penetrates the skull. More than half of all reported TBI's are attributed to car accidents . Traumatic Brain Injuries can be classified into two types, mild and severe. Mild cases generally involve a loss of consciousness and/or disorientation ...
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  • Know Your Rights --- You Do Not Have to Incriminate Yourself

    Here at Power and Brown, we want to make sure you know your rights. Specifically, you do not have to answer officer questions. Because officers are constrained by the Constitutions of the United States and the various states, officers often rely on tricks and citizens' lack of knowledge of the law in order to obtain evidence and confessions. The job of the police is to enforce laws, but ...
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