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Blog Posts in December, 2014

  • On Your Side: Alaska Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

    We know motorcycles. We know the thrill of riding and the deep love you have for your machine. We know what it is to dip into the turns and to feel the power of the throttle. We know that every time you ride your bike, you know you're taking a risk. We also know the risk is not always attributed to you, but to the drivers who share the road with you. In 2010, according to the Alaska Department of ...
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  • We Are Driving Better Reveals Alaska Accident Attorney

    We're driving better says the Alaska Highway Safety Office. In 2013 and for the third straight year in a row, traffic fatalities have declined, to 48, although figures are preliminary. The last year for which complete figures are available is 2012, when the state suffered 59 fatalities, down from the previous years 72. Nine of the deaths were from motorcyclists and eight were pedestrians. Rural ...
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