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We Are Driving Better Reveals Alaska Accident Attorney

We Are Driving Better Reveals Alaska Accident Attorney

We're driving better says the Alaska Highway Safety Office. In 2013 and for the third straight year in a row, traffic fatalities have declined, to 48, although figures are preliminary. The last year for which complete figures are available is 2012, when the state suffered 59 fatalities, down from the previous years 72. Nine of the deaths were from motorcyclists and eight were pedestrians.

Rural areas were more dangerous, containing 39 out of the victims. Urban areas had 20 deaths. An alcohol level of 0.08 or higher was responsible for 15 of the incidents. The obvious way to avoid this issue is to avoid drinking and driving.

Speed was implicated in 14 of the fatalities, although the agency did not specify how many car crashes involved both alcohol and speeding. Slowing down could have prevented these accidents. Yet a third way to prevent fatalities is to wear seatbelts. In almost 40 percent of deaths, victims were unbelted.

Although winter driving is perceived to be deadlier, July had the most fatalities at 9. This may be because people more driving when the weather is fairer. August had eight deaths. With no fatalities, February was the safest month, followed by January and March with three deaths each. When the weather is freezing, nobody wants to be in a cold car.

If you or someone you love are involved in a traffic accident, make sure everyone is unharmed. But communicate nothing to the other driver other than to exchange your insurance information. Then contact us. As your Alaska accident attorneys, we'll fight for your rights.