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Tips for Preventing Slip and Falls

Tips for Preventing Slip and Falls

The winter season is a time of wonder; snow capped trees and delightful cheer is in the air. Unfortunately, the winter season is also prime time for a dangerous slip and fall accident. Winter slip and fall injuries are not reserved for only those who head out for a stroll in the snow, they can occur anytime anywhere and within minutes of heading out on an errand. Here are some valuable tips for preventing slip and fall injury during winter.

Preventing Winter Slip & Fall Injuries

Wear the right gear: When conditions are less that optimal, make sure you are wearing footwear with a good gripping sole. Boots are ideal for winter due to their ice gripping tread and ankle-protecting lace-up or buckle-up design. In addition, wear your gloves. Besides keeping your hands toasty warm they also prevent you from putting your hands in your pockets. Having your hands out of your pockets help to balance your body.

Slow your pace: Fast walking, running, or jogging are not the best ways to reach your destination. Try to take slow, small, calculated steps to reach your destination. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Lighten the load: try not to walk with heavy or awkward objects in tow. This can cause you to loose your balance or footing on icy or wet areas. Awkward loads do not allow you to balance as you normally would or brace yourself if you do take a spill.

Take extra precautions when hiking: Winter hiking is a great pastime. If you do enjoy a winter hike now and then, may we suggest purchasing cleats for your boots. These spiked cleats attach to your footwear and provide excellent grip when trudging through the snow or ice.

When you are injured due to a slip and fall injury, it is highly recommended you seek the counsel of an attorney. The lawyers at Power & Brown understand your financial concerns following an accident. Please contact us for a consultation regarding your personal injury case.