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Discussing In-Car Distractions With Your Teen Is Critical To Their Safety

Discussing In-Car Distractions With Your Teen Is Critical To Their Safety

Driving while distracted can lead to tragic consequences at any age, but it is especially prevalent for young drivers. As a parent, discussing the ramifications that accompany in-car distractions with your teen is critical to their safety. While texting and talking on the phone embodies one of the most dangerous scenarios, there are numerous distractions that can contribute to a serious accident. The information provided below will help you educate your teen on the hazards that coincide with inattentive driving.

Common Driving Distraction

While all driving distractions can result in a car accident, there are a few that are seen at a greater frequency among young drivers. Sitting down and discussing these circumstances with your teenager may cause them to rethink their actions the next time they get behind the wheel.

  • Driving with peers. Although, your teen will most likely have friends in their car from time to time, its critical you talk to them about not getting caught up in conversations and other happenings that may occur when passengers are present.
  • Cell phones. As a parent, you must be a role model when it comes to phone use in the car. If your teen sees you driving and texting, they are bound to do the same. Setting a good example and having a reoccurring conversation with them will reinforce the dangers that follow cell phone use while driving.
  • Radio use. Adjusting the radio station or changing the song on their iPod may only require a teen to look away for a few seconds, but unfortunately that brief amount of time is all it takes for a serious accident to transpire. Encouraging your teen to create a driving playlist before hitting the road can cut back on this common distraction.

Consequences Connected To Distracted Driving

  • Impaired reaction time
  • Unknowingly veering into another lane
  • Missing and disobeying traffic signals and signs
  • Inability to spot emergency situations ahead of time
  • Failure to see pedestrians crossing the street
  • Reduced awareness of vehicles breaking

If your teenager was recently involved in a car accident, please contact us. Requesting advice from an Alaska accident attorney immediately after a collision can ensure your teen receives proper representation.