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May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, an initiative geared towards improving the well-being of motorcyclists on the road. Along with the steps that motorcyclists can take to better protect themselves, it's also important that other drivers learn to share the road safely with them.

Motorcycle accidents: A grim picture

Motorcyclists often have a reputation for being wild and reckless on the road. However, while some motorcyclists fit this description, many others abide by traffic laws and operate their bikes responsibly. But even if they drive carefully, they still remain vulnerable on the road, their bodies unprotected during a collision.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that motorcyclists are 40 times more likely to die on the road than an occupant of a passenger vehicle. In 2006, roughly 88,000 motorcyclists around the US sustained injuries in a highway accident; close to 5,000 were killed.

Drivers of passenger vehicles need to be mindful of motorcyclists, keeping an eye out for them and maintaining a safe distance from them. Motorcyclists themselves can of course also take precautions to reduce the likelihood of death and injury on the road. Wearing a helmet is one of the most important safety precautions, significantly reducing the risk of death by head injury; it's also important for motorcyclists to not speed or weave recklessly among other vehicles.

But even law-abiding motorcyclists may get caught up in an accident that's out of their control. The injuries they sustain may be devastating. In the event of an accident, it's important to contact experienced Alaska motorcycle accident lawyers. A good lawyer will be sensitive to the needs of motorcyclists and fight for them to obtain the compensation they need to heal after a serious accident.