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Traumatic Brain Injury from a Car Crash

Traumatic Brain Injury from a Car Crash

Few things are scarier then the possibility of Traumatic Brain Injury from a Car Crash. These types of injuries can occur when any force hits, fractures, or penetrates the skull. More than half of all reported TBI's are attributed to car accidents.

Traumatic Brain Injuries can be classified into two types, mild and severe. Mild cases generally involve a loss of consciousness and/or disorientation and confusion that lasts for less than 30 minutes. Even in mild cases where MRI and CAT scans are normal people suffering from minor TBI may suffer from: headaches, issues with thought and memory, mood swings, and frustration. While the label "mild" may make the sufferer and their family think this injury is non-consequential the effects can still be devastating. In some cases a mild traumatic brain injury may not even be initially diagnosed, the effects surfacing hours and even days later.

Severe TBI is a head trauma that causes a loss of consciousness for more than 30 minutes and a loss of memory that lasts more than 24 hours. These injuries encompass everything from loss of cognitive function to patients in a comatose state. Those who suffer from a severe TBI may suffer from limited function body and limbs, speech or language issues, a loss of normal thinking ability, and/or emotional issues.

Secondary injuries can occur as a result of either kind of TBI. These issues can be very serious and potentially life threatening like brain swelling (edema) and increased pressure inside the skull (intracranial pressure). Other serious effects that can develop over time include epilepsy, infection, hematoma, and changes to blood pressure and cardiac and lung function.

Regardless of the type of TBI a person is diagnosed with the effects can be varied and long lasting. For many some form of long-term rehabilitation is needed. If you or a loved one was in a car accident that resulted in the diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury or if you suspect a TBI occurred please an Anchorage personal injury attorney to find out how we can help you get compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering.

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