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One Potential Source of Maritime Injuries in the Fishing Industry: Orcas --- Maritime Injuries

One Potential Source of Maritime Injuries in the Fishing Industry: Orcas --- Maritime Injuries

Orcas or killer whales aren't known to directly attack people in the wild. However, their aggressive behaviors may sometimes put people in danger.

recent article discusses the threat to the fishing industry from pods of orcas that target boats. The orcas stalk the boats, crowd around them, and chase them in the hopes of getting at the fish. Workers in the industry have seen an increase in this kind of behavior, including among younger whales who have possibly been taught to find food in this manner.

The orcas' aggressive tactics are an economic threat to the industry. They may also pose safety risks to workers.

Even though orcas haven't gone about directly hunting people, the fishermen encountering them may resort to desperate measures, including maneuvering their boats at high speed to try to evade the relentless orcas. The risk of collisions or falls overboard may increase as a result, leading to injuries that range from brain and spine trauma to life-threatening hypothermia.

Workers in the industry already have to cope with hazardous environments. Freezing water and accidents on-board, such as fires or slips and falls, are all regular dangers. The orcas' behavior creates an additional scenario where the crew on a boat could run into serious trouble.

Contacting an attorney

Fishing industry employees remain vulnerable in a variety of ways. Should you suffer an accident, it's important to contact a reputable attorney who will carefully review your case and offer you sound legal advice. You deserve to understand the cause of the accident, which may include negligence. You also deserve fair compensation for any costs, such as medical bills and lost wages.