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Alaska personal injury attorneys discuss investigations into plane crashes

Alaska personal injury attorneys discuss investigations into plane crashes

People often turn to plane travel as an option for getting around Alaska. Planes help visitors and residents reach remote locations, skip long or dangerous drives, and enjoy unique aerial views.

As with any kind of travel, planes present various risks, with pilot error, equipment malfunctioning, and severe weather all contributing to the chances of an accident. USA Today recently reported ongoing efforts by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to examine the causes of various crashes, derive lessons from them, and come up with safety recommendations.

Unfortunately, NTSB investigators have many accidents to look into. The article mentions that Alaska experiences roughly 100 plane accidents annually, including an average of one accident every day over the summer.

By leading to a better understanding of what caused each accident, the NTSB investigations can also help accident victims who are seeking answers and possible compensation following a plane crash.

For example, even if a crash takes place during a serious storm, it's possible that the weather isn't entirely to blame. The pilot may have behaved recklessly or carelessly. Perhaps the company that manufactured the plane supplied equipment that broke down prematurely and without warning. It's possible that the plane wasn't adequately stocked with supplies to help crash survivors through hunger, thirst and harsh weather as they waited for rescue.

As Alaska personal injury attorneys, we're committed to investigating the contributing factors behind each accident. The results of government investigations are only one potential piece of evidence we use to assist clients who have suffered physical and psychological trauma as the result of an accident. We also examine witness testimony, law enforcement reports, and evidence from injuries, and we determine whether companies met certain safety standards and acted in accordance with promises they made to ensure your well-being. Please contact us to receive advice and assistance in the aftermath of a plane crash.