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Alaska Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss the Risks of RV Use

Alaska Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss the Risks of RV Use

One way to explore the largest state in the US is by using a recreational vehicle (RV). The living quarters are either built into the motor vehicle, or they're located in a trailer attached to a passenger vehicle.

As with other motor vehicles, there's a risk of experiencing an accident while driving or riding in an RV. One example comes from a recent collision between an RV and tour bus that reportedly injured 13 people. RV occupants face both the general dangers of road use and some unique problems, including the following:

Improperly hitched trailers. If the configuration is a passenger vehicle towing a trailer, it's critical for the trailer to get hitched properly. An RV accident may involve a trailer separating from the passenger vehicle; once loose, it can smash into other people using the road, or into roadside property. Depending on how a trailer is loaded and attached, it can also swing too much and possibly lead to a jackknifing accident.

Unrestrained vehicle occupants. Traveling in an RV, passengers may be more inclined to skip seat belts, opting instead to recline on beds or sofas. Furthermore, the seat belts available in living spaces may not function well in a crash, depending on their make and how they're anchored.

Loose flying objects. Items carried in the living space, such as dishes, may fly around during an accident and lead to additional injuries.

Inexperience maneuvering larger vehicles. People driving an RV may not have the experience or skill to handle a larger vehicle, whether it's on sharp turns or on narrow, curving roads.

Should you suffer an accident involving an RV, don't hesitate to contact experienced Alaska personal injury lawyers. Your attorneys will help you assess the cost of the accident, determine liability, and deal with any insurance companies.