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Injured While Traveling in Alaska: Common Alaskan Road Hazards

Injured While Traveling in Alaska: Common Alaskan Road Hazards

With its vast wilderness areas and scenic beauty, Alaska is a favorite tourist destination. Many of these tourists will want to travel on the state's highways and roads. However, avoiding getting injured while traveling in Alaska will require your awareness of its many road hazards. Here are four of them:

Poor Drainage

Roads with inadequate drainage or with debris clogged drains, may have pooled water. Spring melting and severe rainstorms will make the problem worse. The severity of some rainstorms may even overwhelm well-drained roadways. To avoid hydroplaning, slow down when approaching pools of water.

Animal Collisions

Moose and bear are the most commonly encountered large animals. Bears are active during the day and night, while moose are active throughout the day and the twilight hours of dawn and dusk. The limited visibility of the twilight and nighttime hours make collisions with these animals more likely. Slow down and never out-drive the reach of your headlights. Avoid panic evasive actions, because going off the road or colliding with oncoming traffic is worse than hitting an animal. Braking hard while maintaining control of your vehicle is preferable to swerving.


The actions of tourists often create road hazards. For example, when they photograph moose, tourists may park their vehicles on both sides of a road, leaving little to no space for traffic flow. While this may hang up traffic on straightaways, it causes traffic accidents on blind hills and curves. Park your vehicle all the way off the road.

Look out for distracted tourists taking in the scenery and watching wildlife. Stay focused on your driving and pull off the road at a safe spot when you wish to enjoy the scenery and wildlife.

Construction Zones

Road construction in Alaska is done during the summer months, which also coincides with the peak of the tourist season. This combination leads to unfortunate but preventable accidents. Don't allow your work commute reflexes to get the best of you. You are on vacation and there's no need to rush to your destination. Don't forget to observe and follow the speed limits and construction warning signs. Stay in your lane and allow plenty of following distance between yourself and the vehicle in front.

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