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Alaska Motorcycle Attorneys Explain the Critical First Steps After a Motorcycle Crash

Alaska Motorcycle Attorneys Explain the Critical First Steps After a Motorcycle Crash

You are on the ground beside your motorcycle, confused and reeling from what just occurred --- you have been hit by another vehicle. These situations are stressful, emotions can run high and anxieties are prevalent. It can be easy to let yourself get lost in the shuffle. What are the most important steps to take after a motorcycle crash?

Gather Information

If you are able, call the police and gather information. Request that the police department generate a police report regardless of the severity of the crash. Police will often have accident exchange forms, which help facilitate gathering the essential information you will need for the days ahead. Sometimes those exchange forms are all you receive, which is why you need to ask that a report is generated. If time is tight, make sure to at least get name of the other driver along with their date of birth, phone numbers, insurance and policy information. Gathering this information is especially important if for some reason, police cannot make it to the scene.

Assess your Physical Well-Being

You may feel pain immediately. If that is the case, seek medical treatment as quickly as possible. If you are able to do so on your own, go to an ER or Urgent care. Otherwise, call 911 for emergency assistance. Emergency Room doctors will primarily check only for the most serious of issues, and then instruct you to go to your primary care physician for a follow up. Take this advice, and follow up with your doctor. Do not miss the follow up appointment, even if you feel that you are on the mend. The follow up treatment providers will develop a comprehensive treatment plan based on your injuries and advise you on returning to work.

In cases of a minor collision, a person injured in a motorcycle crash may not feel pain right away. Adrenaline can significantly mask symptoms. It can take days for the full effect of the crash to make itself known. Follow up with your doctor as soon as you realize you might be hurt.

File a Claim.

Reach out to the involved insurance companies. You should speak with both the insurance company of the person at fault and the insurance company that provides your motorcycle insurance. File a claim with the insurance companies. However, be aware. Insurance adjusters, especially those working for the at-fault party's insurance company are not your friends. What you say during this time could be used later to discredit your claim. Give them the facts of the collision, but keep it as simple as possible. Wait before you give a recorded statement.

Get an Attorney

Should you be injured in any capacity because of someone else, it is almost always advantageous to hire specialized and local an Anchorage motorcyleaccident attorney. These attorneys know how to work your motorcycle crash case in order to achieve the highest settlement possible to address your injuries. The attorneys know what tricks adjusters have up their sleeves, and they know how certain medical treatment can present in a courtroom. Having a trusted lawyer working for you means that they will burden much of the stress of the process, leaving you time to heal.

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