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How Much Is Your Personal Injury Case in Alaska Worth?

How Much Is Your Personal Injury Case in Alaska Worth?

Determining the possible monetary award for a personal injury case in Alaska is difficult to determine and can vary greatly depending on your particular situation. In addition, the way in which the case is managed and presented to the court can play a substantial role in how much money is granted. This should not be considered legal advice, but here are a few things every plaintiff should consider before filing a case to have a greater chance for a successful outcome.

How Much Should You Ask For?

When trying to determine how much compensation to request, you should never simply pick a number out of thin air. It is important to ask for an amount that would seem agreeable to the jury and the court. Asking for an outlandish award can be off-putting to many potential jurors, and can cost you the case in the long run. You will need solid justification for any number you ask for in order to prove it as a logical request. You will also need to depend on other resources, such as a qualified personal injury lawyer, to help you determine an amount that is both reasonable and something you can justify.

Beyond the Initial Injury

Another aspect that should be considered is whether or not you will need continued support beyond the initial injury. In other words, you need to know if your injury will require ongoing medical care. You also need to know if you will be able to return to work. The answer to these questions can make a big difference in the award amount you should request in order to protect your family's financial future.

Don't Assume Anything

You should never assume that your injuries are minor and will not cause a problem down the road. For example, many who have suffered whiplash as the result of a car accident assume that their condition is temporary and will not require continued care. However, for many victims, whiplash can become a condition which can cause chronic pain and disability for years. Therefore, it is critical that you be fully evaluated by a physician to determine the real extent of your injuries.

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