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Blog Posts in August, 2017

  • Alaska Car Accident Attorney Discusses Three Tire Care Mistakes

    Alaska Car Accident Attorney Your tires perform a number of important functions such as turning, accelerating, and braking. Without good traction with the pavement, none of these are possible. If you doubt this, consider what happens when you hit a section of black ice: you can't turn, accelerate, or brake. Without the stability provided by your tires' traction, your car couldn't stay on the road ...
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  • Nearly 30 People Have Been Injured in a Skagway Excursion Accident

    Our firm has successfully protected the rights of injured victims for decades. We know each client is going through a stressful time, and our compassionate Anchorage personal injury attorneys always work hard to find effective legal solutions. A recent accident in Skagway has left nearly 30 people injured, with some requiring extensive medical treatment. Our firm supports clients in their fight to ...
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  • How Melting Arctic Ice Can Lead to Maritime Injuries -- Maritime Injuries

    The face of Arctic waters are changing. As ice increasingly melts, new channels are forming in the Arctic, opening up passageways for cruise ships and other vessels. However, we have to confront a troubling question: Are we really prepared to navigate these changes? Do we have the appropriate safety or emergency infrastructure in place? For example, if a cruise ship were to meet with a disaster in ...
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  • Traumatic Brain Injuries Among Older Adults - Looking Into Long-Term Effects

    Traumatic Brain Injuries Among Older Adults - Looking Into Long-Term Effects Traumatic Brain Injury Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can cause serious physical, mental, and emotional problems among people of any age, but they're especially prevalent among older adults. For seniors, a group that frequently experiences slips and falls, a TBI can come about just from tripping on the corner of a rug or ...
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  • Alaska Car Accident Attorney on the Dangers of Speeding

    Alaska Car Accident Attorney Which is the more dangerous situation, driving a car off a 120 foot high cliff, or crashing a car into a rock wall at 60 mph? The answer is that both situations will cause similar damage to the car and injury to its occupants. While most people fully appreciate the dangers of falling from a great height, few appreciate the dangers of speed. When falling 120 feet to the ...
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