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Anchorage Apartment Fire Kills 2, Injures 16, Displaces Dozens

Anchorage Apartment Fire Kills 2, Injures 16, Displaces Dozens

The Royal Suite Apartments in western Anchorage were devastated in a fast-spreading fire this week. Authorities report that two people lost their lives in the blaze, another 16 suffered injury, and dozens more are displaced. At least six of the injured were found in critical condition. A complete search has not yet been finished due to widespread structural damage to the complex, so it is feared that more fatalities could have occurred but had not yet been discovered.

The apartment-fire started sometime around 2:20 AM on Wednesday morning. The Anchorage Fire Department, which has a fire station only a few short blocks from the apartment complex, received several calls around that time. Witnesses say the northernmost of the two complex buildings was rapidly swallowed by flames and smoke. One survivor stated she had just over a minute to get to safety before she felt she would asphyxiate from the smoke.

The exact cause of the blaze has not yet been determined. One 911 caller claimed to see the fire originating from an automobile in the carport. Investigators believe this to be a likely source, despite the lack of confirmation, since gasoline in the car could start a strong fire and the outside air would fuel it rapidly with oxygen, allowing it to spread as quickly as it did.

It would not be until 5:15 AM that the fire would be completely under control. Fire crews told reporters that they could not immediately combat the flames due to the sheer number of evacuees that needed help. Everyone was assigned to victim rescue before allocating forces and resources to actually putting out the fire. Eyewitnesses gave credit to building managers and a fire captain for helping direct people safely throughout the chaotic scene.

Help in Desperate Times

Red Cross members in Anchorage have stated that due to the fact that it is not clear what material goods are needed at this time for displaced individuals, the best way to help them right now is through financial donations. If you would like to help the Red Cross in its relief efforts, call area code (907) 646 — 5401. Donations are also accepted in text message form by texting REDCROSS to 90999.

If it is determined that someone’s negligence caused the Royal Suite Apartment fire, injured parties and surviving family members may be able to seek financial compensation and peace of mind through a personal injury claim. You can contact Power & Brown, LLC and our Anchorage personal injury attorneys to learn more about injury claim law, premises liability law, and whether or not you have valid claim. Call to set up a free consultation.