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Motorcycle Driving Tips for Staying Safe

Motorcycle Driving Tips for Staying Safe

5 Motorcycle Driving Tips for Staying Safe

Will you be riding your motorcycle this summer? It’s important to be extra careful when riding your bike. Here are some important motorcycle safety tips.

Beware of Blind Spots

Don’t drive in a car’s blind spot. The car’s driver is supposed to check their blind spots, but you can’t rely on them doing so. Give them enough room to change lanes or turn without swiping you. Feel free to use your horn as needed in order to alert drivers to your presence.

Adjust Your Mirrors Before You Set Out

Make sure that your mirrors are perfectly positioned before you set out. You can change your car’s mirrors while driving, but not your bike’s. Get on your bike and make sure you can see everything behind you in your mirrors.

Know the Laws

Make sure you are well versed in the local motorcycle driving laws. Know how and where you can drive. Also make sure to find out what kind of gear, equipment, or tools (such as how many mirrors) you need.

Get the Right Gear

We all want to be comfortable when driving, but you need gear that will protect you from the force of an impact. Get a solid helmet and protective armor. When choosing your boots, get ones that have good traction so that you can navigate wet and slippery roads with your feet.

Look Ahead

Don’t just look right in front of you. Look where you want to end up. This will help you notice hazards before they arise.

3 Important Safety Tips For New Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle safety

Are you a new motorcycle rider? While riding a motorcycle is a fun and exciting experience, it is also more dangerous than riding a car. New riders who lack experience need to be even more vigilant. Here are some tips to help you out.

Get Great Training and Practice

Riding a motorcycle is a skill that is learned through proper training and practice. Look for the best motorcycle training courses in your area. Look for approved and certified courses that have a track record of satisfied students. Honing your skills through practice is also very important. Make sure to fit in as much practice as you can in safe or low-traffic areas.

Choose the Right Bike

As a new rider, the type of bike you’ll be riding will make a big difference. As you get more experienced, you’ll be able to try out various kinds of bikes, but for now, look for one that is easy to control. Make sure you feel comfortable navigating your bike; your feet should reach the floor and your hands should be able to grasp the bars easily.

Ride Defensively

You can’t control how other people drive. As a motorcycle rider, you’re especially vulnerable to mistakes made by other drivers. When riding your bike, expect other people to be making mistakes and to not be paying attention to what’s going on. You can control how you drive, so always pay close attention to what is going on around you and don’t rely on other people seeing you.

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