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  • Injured While Traveling in Alaska - Winter Outing Safety Tips

    Injured While Traveling in Alaska For the outdoor enthusiast, winter is a unique time of the year. Snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snowboarding, downhill skiing, ice fishing, ice climbing, and winter biking are only a sampling of the exciting activities possible when you have snow. Without question, Alaska has plenty of wintertime snow. However, getting injured while traveling in ...
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  • Traumatic Brain Injury and Memory Reprocessing Therapies

    Traumatic Brain Injury and Memory Reprocessing Therapies Traumatic Brain Injury With older adults, the use of psychoactive medications becomes problematic. Side effects of these drugs can worsen age related health issues such as fall risk, memory problems, gait and balance issues, and sleep disturbance. Are there evidence-based therapies that can address the emotional and physical toll of ...
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  • Alaska Car Accident Attorney: The Connection Between Whiplash and Stroke

    Whiplash is sometimes derided as a fake injury in which mild neck discomfort is used as the basis of a fraudulent claim. However, whiplash can be caused by any of a number of neck injuries suffered in a car accident. Some can cause excruciating and debilitating pain. Other neck injuries can be life changing if they involve nerve damage. Among the worst outcomes of whiplash is a stroke. A stroke ...
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  • Injured in a Fall --- What Your Claim May Be Worth

    Did you suffer a slip and fall injury in a privately owned establishment? You may be entitled to compensation if the establishment was at fault. Here are some things that you may be entitled to compensation for. Medical Expenses Usually, you'll be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses. This can be the case even if you were covered by insurance. This amount may be multiplied depending ...
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  • Common Causes of Aviation Accidents in Alaska

    The state of Alaska has the highest rate of aviation crashes in the U.S. In fact, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), 25 people were killed or seriously injured in Alaskan aviation crashes in 2015 alone. Why is the risk of accidents so high in Alaska? What is causing these accidents and others across the nation? Here’s what you need to know. The Most Common Causes of Airplane ...
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  • Three Motorcycle Safety Tips for Driving on the Highway

    While there may no thrill quite like that of opening up the throttle on the expressway for some motorcyclists, it should be no surprise that it is inherently dangerous to drive at high speeds. If you're willing to chance it, then you should know your risks and, more importantly, how to mitigate them. Here are 3 tips on how to make sure you're driving safely when driving fast. Have a clear head . ...
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  • What Are The Symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome?

    Post Concussion Syndrome Almost any blow to the head can result in a concussion, which is usually why emergency personnel like to monitor patients who've hit their heads on the windshield, for example, to watch for signs of Post Concussion Syndrome, before releasing them. A concussion is actually a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), that frequently happens when there is an impact to the head in an ...
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