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Three Motorcycle Safety Tips for Driving on the Highway

Three Motorcycle Safety Tips for Driving on the Highway

While there may no thrill quite like that of opening up the throttle on the expressway for some motorcyclists, it should be no surprise that it is inherently dangerous to drive at high speeds. If you're willing to chance it, then you should know your risks and, more importantly, how to mitigate them. Here are 3 tips on how to make sure you're driving safely when driving fast.
  1. Have a clear head. This may seem obvious, but not everyone takes it seriously. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol puts you in greater risk of getting into an accident, especially at high speeds.
  2. Gear up, even if it isn't required. It may not look cool to wear a helmet, vest, thick boots and gloves, but you are quite literally risking your skin if you choose not to use your protective equipment.
  3. Always be scanning. Moose, deer, bear, large fowl, and small mammals all pose a serious threat to motorcyclists. Any one of these types of animals can move much more quickly than a human. If one chooses to dart out of the tree line and across the road, it's better to see it when it exits the tree line as opposed to when it's on the pavement. So, keep your eyes open and always be scanning your surroundings.

It may be painfully obvious that driving a motorcycle on the expressway is dangerous, ignoring these safety tips could greatly increase your chance of getting hurt, or worse.

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