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  • Alaska Car Accident Attorney Discusses Three Tire Care Mistakes

    Alaska Car Accident Attorney Your tires perform a number of important functions such as turning, accelerating, and braking. Without good traction with the pavement, none of these are possible. If you doubt this, consider what happens when you hit a section of black ice: you can't turn, accelerate, or brake. Without the stability provided by your tires' traction, your car couldn't stay on the road ...
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  • Nearly 30 People Have Been Injured in a Skagway Excursion Accident

    Our firm has successfully protected the rights of injured victims for decades. We know each client is going through a stressful time, and our compassionate Anchorage personal injury attorneys always work hard to find effective legal solutions. A recent accident in Skagway has left nearly 30 people injured, with some requiring extensive medical treatment. Our firm supports clients in their fight to ...
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  • Alaska Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss the Risks of RV Use

    One way to explore the largest state in the US is by using a recreational vehicle (RV). The living quarters are either built into the motor vehicle, or they're located in a trailer attached to a passenger vehicle. As with other motor vehicles, there's a risk of experiencing an accident while driving or riding in an RV. One example comes from a recent collision between an RV and tour bus that ...
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  • Alaska Personal Injury Lawyers Want You To Be Aware of Your Social Media Activity

    Regardless of how we feel about social media, it has become part of many people's daily lives. Many people all across the globe are using social media every day. In fact, sometimes it is the first thing many people check before they get out of bed in the morning. People love to share, but sometimes they share too much information. It is understandable that people want to share their ...
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  • Getting the Right Car Insurance Quote in Alaska

    In every state, drivers are expected to get a minimum amount of auto insurance coverage. This coverage doesn’t just protect you, it also protects other individuals in situations where you cause an accident. Car insurance is vital, especially if you suffer injury on the road. Alaska Auto Insurance Minimum Coverage In many states, there is a common liability coverage requirement of 25-50-25: $25,000 ...
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  • Eight Steps to Take After a Car Accident

    Every year, millions of people in the US wind up needing emergency care after a vehicular crash, and the costs of car accident deaths, injuries, and property damage add up to billions of dollars. If you're involved in a car accident, it's important to take the right steps afterward; doing so will help you get the best possible outcome, even in a deeply stressful or painful set of circumstances. ...
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  • Six Steps to Take If Your Child Has Been In A Serious Accident

    Watching your child suffer a serious accident is one of the most frightening things you can go through. It's important, however, to remain calm and to take the appropriate steps to assess the situation and respond the way your child needs you to. The following are six steps to take if your child has been in a serious accident: 1) Immediately assess their state of health . Although your first ...
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  • Attorneys at Power and Brown Discuss The Importance of Car Emergency Kits in Alaska

    The importance of car emergency kits in Alaska can’t be stressed enough. Here in Alaska, you’re bound to encounter extreme weather conditions, especially in winter. As such, your car emergency kit should be well stocked at all times with the essentials in order to ensure your safety in the event of a breakdown. You’ll need more items to shield you from the cold than you would in other places. The ...
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  • Review of Report on Worst US Cities for Car Crashes

    A recent report ranked the 200 largest U.S. cities in terms of how often, on average, their residents get into car crashes. No Alaska city made the list, but as Anchorage car accident attorneys , we think it is important to keep up-to-date with news and information about things like this, so in the interest of keeping our readers similarly well-informed, we thought we'd write a post on it anyhow. ...
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  • Car Crash Prevention Among Teens

    A recent article from KTVA Alaska talks about how DUI is still a problem among teen drivers; on a positive note, however, there's been a decline not only in the rate of drinking and driving, but also in the willingness of teen passengers to get into a car with a driver who's been drinking. Part of this decline can be attributed to public campaigns and educational programs, not only for teens but ...
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  • Lower Your Risk of Being Involved in a Car Crash

    A crash can damage your car and other vehicles, and punish you or other people with serious injury or death. The easiest way to recover from such an accident is to avoid having one in the first place. Follow these tips to keep yourself safe. Avoid texting or using a cellphone while driving. Either activity removes your attention from the road increasing your chances of an accident. (Texting is ...
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  • Things to Remember After an Alaska Car Crash

    Being in an automobile accident can be a harrowing experience. If you are involved in a car crash , it can be helpful to know what to do in order to make the experience somewhat less stressful. The most important thing to do is to render assistance to injured parties. When doing so, you should never discuss the events or admit liability. These statements could later be used against you in a court ...
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  • Pedestrian Accidents Among Alaskan Natives: Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

    In 2001-2010, over 47,000 pedestrians were killed in the U.S. as a result of traffic accidents – and American Indian and Alaskan Natives had the highest death rate of any racial or ethnic group up to age 75. Whether male or female, they were four times more likely to be hit by a vehicle than white males and rural American Indian and Alaskan Native pedestrians experienced almost twice the death ...
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  • Do You Need a Car Accident Attorney in Alaska?

    The Alaska Injury Surveillance Report 2011 (revised July 2012) contains some sobering statistics on the trends of motor vehicle crash injuries in this state. From 2005 through 2009, injuries from motor vehicle traffic accidents were the third leading cause of injury-related deaths in Alaska. (The leading cause was suicide; the second leading cause was accidental poisoning.) Other transport related ...
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