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  • Sexual Abuse in Foster Care

    Of the types of harm caused in foster care, sexual abuse is particularly damaging and can leave children scarred and traumatized their entire lives, particularly if they lack the resources for high-quality care in the aftermath. In addition to physical trauma, sexual abuse leaves children with long-term emotional damage. To even begin to address this great harm, children need, at minimum, to ...
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  • Car Crash Prevention Among Teens

    A recent article from KTVA Alaska talks about how DUI is still a problem among teen drivers; on a positive note, however, there's been a decline not only in the rate of drinking and driving, but also in the willingness of teen passengers to get into a car with a driver who's been drinking. Part of this decline can be attributed to public campaigns and educational programs, not only for teens but ...
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  • Cardiac Arrest Risk in Children During School Sports now a Growing Concern

    The American Heart Association has released some staggering statistics concerning cardiac arrest risk in children during school sports. According to this organization, cardiac arrest is the biggest killer of high school athletes, with one in every 30,000 to 50,000 students dying annually. The risk also extends to young adults, as one high school or college athlete dies from a heart attack every ...
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  • CPSC Failed to Investigate Some Crib Bumper Cases.

    The Chicago Tribune (3/30, Gabler) reported there are "at least 17 cases where the Consumer Product Safety Commission did not investigate a child's death, even though the agency had reports on file suggesting bumper pads" in cribs "played roles in the fatalities." The Chicago Tribune "looked into some of the cases and found that medical examiners and coroners said bumper pads were involved in the ...
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  • $233,000 Awarded in a Medical Malpractice Action Against YKHC

    Earlier this month, a verdict exceeding $233,000 was awarded in a medical malpractice action against the St. Mary's Subregional Clinic and the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation ("YKHC") in Alaska. A mother initiated the matter, through her attorney, Michele Power, at the Power and Brown law firm in Alaska, after inadequate medical care caused her 14 month old son to develop sepsis. Following ...
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  • Parents Sue Crib Retailer for Son's Death

    The Boston Herald (1/7, Goodison) reports a couple sued crib maker Hayneedle Inc. over the 2008 suffocation death of their toddler son. Their suit tagged the company for negligence "in failing to warn those caring for him of the crib's 'dangerous and defective characteristics, and of the safe and proper method of assembling, using and maintaining (it).'" The child's death was "a key factor" in the ...
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  • FDA warns liquid cough capsules pose risk to children.

    The AP (12/15) reports, "The US Food and Drug Administration says that Tessalon (benzonatate) liquid cough capsules should be kept in child-proof containers because they look like candy and could pose a risk to young children if ingested." The FDA said "that from 1982 through May of this year, there have been seven cases where children younger than 10 accidentally ingested benzonatate. Five of ...
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  • Safety report notes lack of regulation of foreign-made toys.

    The Gilmer (TX) Mirror (12/12) reported, "Most of today's toys are actually made in China or other foreign country, regardless of what label is on the box or what country the manufacturer calls home. These manufacturers aren't held to the same sort of quality control as American companies. This makes it much more difficult to hold those companies accountable when they put a dangerous or defective ...
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  • FDA to review safety of dental fillings containing mercury.

    The Chicago Tribune(12/11, Zajac) reported, "Prodded by consumer and dental activists, the Food and Drug Administration is reviewing the scientific evidence underlying its pronouncement less than 18 months ago that dental fillings containing mercury do not cause harm to patients." Notably, "an advisory panel of outside experts will meet next week to re-examine the basis of the FDA's conclusions in ...
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  • Government Report Indicates Increase in Serious Dog Bites

    NY Times reports, "The number of Americans hospitalized for dog bites almost doubled over a 15-year-period, increasing to 9,500 in 2008 from 5,100 in 1993, a new government study reports." The report further indicated, "Children under 5 and adults 65 and older were most likely to be hospitalized after a bite, and residents of rural areas made four times as many emergency room visits and had three ...
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  • Dangerous Levels of Lead Found in Holiday Lights

    Bloomberg News (12/8) reports that more than half of holiday lights tested in a U.S. study had more lead than regulators permit in children's products, with some strands containing more than 30 times those levels. Consumers should wash their hands after handling holiday lights, according to, a product-information website that posted the data today.
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  • Easton-Bell Sports, Inc. Sued for Dangerous Baseball Bats

    The AP(12/7) reported a Chicago couple filed suit against Easton-Bell Sports Inc., maker of aluminum baseball bats, "for injuries their 11-year-old son suffered when he was struck in the head by a ball last spring." According to the parent's complaint Easton-Bell Sports Inc., "produced bats capable of hitting baseballs at dangerous speeds." The couple alleges their son "suffered brain damages and ...
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  • FDA raises concerns over chemical, drug transmission in breast milk banks.

    Reuters (12/6, Heavy) reports that some mothers experience difficulty when trying to breastfeed their newborns, and thus find themselves turning to other lactating mothers for help. But concerns have been raised regarding the possibility of donated breast milk unwittingly being a repository for infectious disease; milk from unscreened mothers could also be laden with chemicals or drugs, federal ...
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  • Epilepsy Drug May Increase Risk for Spina Bifida.

    HealthDay (12/3, Reinberg) reported, "Pregnant women with epilepsy who are taking carbamazepine (Tegretol) to control seizures may be at a slightly increased risk of having an infant with spina bifida, a new study finds." Researchers "reviewed existing research to determine the risk of birth defects among women taking Tegretol." They "found that infants of women taking Tegretol were 2.6 times more ...
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  • FDA Issues Warning to Invisalign Maker.

    The AP (12/3) reports, "The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning to" Align Technology, Inc., "a company that makes a popular teeth straightener" -- the Invisalign system -- "about its failure to report information about patient side effects." The company "disclosed this week that it received a Nov. 18 warning letter from the FDA following an inspection this summer" in which the agency ...
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  • Lowe's Recalls 11 Million Blinds on Strangling Hazard

    Bloomberg News (12/1, Plungis) reported that Lowe's has joined a December 2009 CPSC recall "that covered more than 50 million Roman and roll-up blinds, because of strangulation hazards, the agency said." The expanded recall covers 11 million Lowe's blinds. CPSA said the expansion became necessary after "two near-strangulations." According to the agency, "Lowe's...will recall all brands it sells of ...
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  • Feds launch investigation of lead-containing drinking glasses.

    The AP (11/22) reported that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission "said it was collecting samples of all glasses cited in an ongoing Associated Press investigation into dangerous metals in children's merchandise, generally those containing the more-dangerous toxin cadmium." Thus far, two companies have recalled roughly 160,000 of the superhero designed glasses, on which tests revealed "that ...
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  • Toy Related Injuries Are Up 54% Over Last Decade.

    Nevada's Public News Service (12/9) reported according to a report by the American Association for Justice, "95 percent of the toys sold in the US now come from abroad, and some of them would not receive a 'thumbs-up' for safety from Santa." Graham Galloway of the Nevada Justice Association pointed out that once Chinese manufacturers "were taken to task on the lead issue, [they] replaced lead with ...
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