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  • Alaska Moose Safety

    When it comes to Alaskan wildlife safety, bears usually get the most press. But it's also important to remember the appropriate precautions for you and your kids to take around other animals, including the moose. Statistically, Alaskan moose are actually more dangerous than bears, as there's a significantly greater number of moose in Alaska. While moose aren't predators, they can attack people ...
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  • Older arthritic patients taking opioids may face increased risk of bone fracture, heart attack, death.

    The New York Times (12/14, B3, Meier) reports, "Older patients with arthritis who take narcotic-based drugs to relieve pain face a higher risk of bone fracture, heart attack and death when compared to those taking non-narcotic drugs, according to" research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. "The use of narcotic painkillers has increased in recent years because of a prevailing belief ...
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  • 13 Million Packages of Rolaids Recalled.

    ABC World News (12/9, story 4, 0:30, Sawyer) reported, "Johnson & Johnson is pulling 13 million packages of Rolaids off the store shelves, several different kinds of Rolaids soft chews." The CBS Evening News (12/9, story 8, 0:20, Couric) reported, "The makers of Rolaids announced a recall today involving 13 million packages of the antacid. ... Customers reported finding bits of wood or metal in ...
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  • Smokeless Tobacco Company Pays $5,000,000 in Wrongful Death Action.

    The Wall Street Journal (12/8, Helliker) reports in a first-of-its-kind suit, US Smokeless tobacco agreed to a five million dollar settlement in a wrongful death suit from the family of a life-long tobacco chewer who died of mouth cancer. The settlment was reached a while ago, but just officially announced in Court. The plaitniff, Bobby Hill, began using Skoal and Copenhagen tobacco at 13. The ...
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  • Side effects from cancer drugs may come years after approval.

    Reuters(12/7, Joelving) reports that serious side effects from cancer drugs can appear years after regulatory approval. Canadian researchers looked at 12 drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and found that five of the drugs had earned a "black box warning." Dr. Ian F. Tannock, an oncologist at the University of Toronto, and leader of the study, said, "Patients need to be informed ...
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  • GAO report: FDA not inspecting dietary supplements from China.

    The Kansas City Star (11/7, Everly) noted, "Dietary supplements and prescription drugs are pouring in from China, but US regulators are not ensuring their quality, safety or proper labeling." In fact, "federal regulators have inspected only a fraction of the hundreds of Chinese factories making prescription drugs for the US market, a new report from the Government Accountability Office says," and ...
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  • GM Recalling 300,000 Impallas

    The AP (10/15) reported, "General Motors said Friday [October 15, 2010] it was recalling more than 300,000 Chevrolet Impala sedans because the seat belts may fail to restrain people in the front seats during a crash."
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  • Lipitor Recall

    CNN 's (10/7, Curley) "The Chart" blog reported that "Pfizer has announced it recalled seven lots of its blockbuster cholesterol fighting drug Lipitor [atorvastatin] in August. The recall, in the US and Canada, was due to reports of an 'uncharacteristic odor related to the bottles in which the product is packaged,' the company said in a statement."
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  • Potential Heart Risk with Parkinson's Drug Stalevo

    The Los Angeles Times (8/20, Maugh) "Booster Shots" blog reported that "the Food and Drug Administration on Friday cautioned that it is investigating the possibility that the combination Parkinson's drug Stalevo [combined carbidopa/levodopa and entacapone] may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and death in elderly patients who are taking it." The FDA "urged patients not to stop taking the ...
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  • Glaxo's Memo on Avandia.

    The New York Times (8/20, B3, Harris) reports that Food and Drug Administration "regulators ordered GlaxoSmithKline to send a letter to crucial doctors describing a hearing in July where an expert advisory panel discussed the risks of Avandia [rosiglitazone], the company's controversial diabetes medicine." Now, "a federal official and some members of the panel...say the company's letter is ...
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