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  • How Melting Arctic Ice Can Lead to Maritime Injuries -- Maritime Injuries

    The face of Arctic waters are changing. As ice increasingly melts, new channels are forming in the Arctic, opening up passageways for cruise ships and other vessels. However, we have to confront a troubling question: Are we really prepared to navigate these changes? Do we have the appropriate safety or emergency infrastructure in place? For example, if a cruise ship were to meet with a disaster in ...
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  • What You Should Know After a Maritime Accident

    According to the Alaska Department of Labor , the maritime industry in Alaska drives the state's economy and produces more than 60 percent of the nation's seafood. Due to commercial fishing, vessel occupations, nautical management and support jobs -- along with the many Alaskan citizens employed in the industry -- maritime injuries are common. Types of Maritime Injuries : Back Injuries - Heavy and ...
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  • Injured on a Cruise Ship?

    Cruise ships are a popular way to visit Alaska. A 2014 report from the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development showed that between May and September of that year roughly 58% of out-of-state visitors were cruise ship passengers. Although taking a cruise is often an enjoyable experience, sometimes people sustain injuries on board. Maybe they fall down a flight of stairs, ...
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  • Retreating Glaciers and Maritime Accidents

    People who are tuned in to news about the environment have probably heard about the retreat of glaciers around the world, including Alaska. The shrinking glaciers, and the general increase in temperatures in and around the Arctic, will have a number of effects on people, including the loss of homes by the shore as sea levels rise. One effect that many people don't immediately think of is the ...
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  • Maritime Injuries in Alaska

    Maritime injuries are common in the state of Alaska due to the many fishing boats and ships that pass through the region on a daily basis. And when one of those crewmembers becomes seriously injured or even dies due to a mishap that's not their fault, plenty of legal rights are available to the crew or family members. In maritime law, you have both federal laws and a state fund working in tandem ...
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