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  • Motorcycle Driving Tips for Staying Safe

    5 Motorcycle Driving Tips for Staying Safe Will you be riding your motorcycle this summer? It’s important to be extra careful when riding your bike. Here are some important motorcycle safety tips. Beware of Blind Spots Don’t drive in a car’s blind spot. The car’s driver is supposed to check their blind spots, but you can’t rely on them doing so. Give them enough room to change lanes or turn ...
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  • Motorcycle Safety: How Your Motorcycle Helmet Protects You at High Speeds

    Motorcycle safety Cars have bumpers and crumple zones that protect their occupants from collisions. Yet these suffer severe damage after a high-speed crash. However, it's precisely this damage that absorbs the collision energy that would otherwise harm the driver and passengers. Thoughtful motorcyclists might question how a helmet, that's quite thin compared to the car's bumpers and crumple zones, ...
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  • For the Love of Motorcycles

    Ever notice that people who ride motorcycles are usually passionate about them? And although there are certainly those who fit the stereotype of the tough, tattooed biker, there are just as many two-wheel enthusiasts who don't. In fact, people from all walks of life get hooked on motorcycles. So what causes this phenomena, this intense love of motorcycles? Freedom One of the number one pleasures ...
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  • May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

    May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, an initiative geared towards improving the well-being of motorcyclists on the road. Along with the steps that motorcyclists can take to better protect themselves, it's also important that other drivers learn to share the road safely with them. Motorcycle accidents: A grim picture Motorcyclists often have a reputation for being wild and reckless on the ...
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  • Alaska Motorcycle Attorney Provides Techniques to Avoid High Traffic Accidents

    Navigating your bike through high traffic areas whether on the New Seward Highway while construction is ongoing, on Tudor during rush hour, or any other crowded highway can be a freighting experience for new motorcyclists. The various obstacles you are faced with and the small window of time you have to react can turn any situation into hazardous predicament. The following strategies can help you ...
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  • What to do After a Motorcycle Accident

    According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, eleven percent of all roadway accidents in the United States involve motorcycles. Accidents can happen to the motorcycle rider who follows every safety precaution recommended. When it does, they also need to know how to handle a difficult situation and obtain necessary evidence. The evidence ...
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  • Alaska Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Inform You of Your Rights

    Between the years of 1975 and 2005, 62,000 motorcycle riders were killed in multivehicle accidents. According to a governmental report , 2005 alone witnessed 4,553 motorcycle rider fatalities, and, of those, 56% were in crashes involving 2 or more vehicles. 85% of motorcyclists killed in two vehicle accidents, were in crashes with cars, trucks or other multipassenger vehicles, and, in these ...
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